• My Top 8 Tips for Healthy Bones

    Following on from my previous article “An Introduction to Bone Health”, I thought I’d share my top 8 tips for healthy bones.   1) FUEL UP WITH A VARIED BALANCED DIET Our

  • An Intro to BONE HEALTH

    Last month I attended a conference at the RSM on Osteoporosis. Both Osteoporosis and bone health more broadly are subjects of interest to me because of the ways they intersect with disordered

  • Packed Lunch Perfection: Birds Eye Veggie bowls

    Ready meals are kind of my jam right now. An extremely busy upcoming period at uni including looming exams and stats reports (help) means long days in the library and at my

  • Inflammation & Omega 3s

    Is all inflammation bad? You guys nailed my instagram poll on this one! Not all inflammation is bad. In fact,  we all need some inflammation to protect ourselves and repair damage in

  • My period has disappeared: An introduction into Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea

    Periods can be a bit of a mare. They’re messy, a faff and tampons are expensive. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can also cause cramps, pain or us too feel moody or irritable. Periods

  • Let’s Talk Detoxification

    Ok guys, so I know it’s that time of year where we feel like we’ve really overdone it in the lead up to Christmas and seriously need a “detox”. Well not so

  • Stress & IBS

    Did you know IBS is the most common disorder encountered by gastroenterologists suspected to impact 5-20% people worldwide (Park et al, 2015). It is characterised by a collection of GIT symptoms such

  • Feeding Future Foodies

    By Charlotte Stirling-Reed The subject of providing food for babies and toddlers invariably results in a minefield of challenges, opinions and even emotions – a bit like parenting itself to be honest.

  • Morrisons #EatFresh

    I’m so excited to have teamed up with Morrisons to trial their Eat Fresh recipe boxes. The new boxes provide fresh, pre-portioned ingredients straight to your door to have on the table

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