• Don’t forget to feed your social health!

    When hanging out with friends you’re more likely let yourself go, eat more calories, bla bla bla I’ve seen this kind of heading in papers and magazines so many times and I

  • Food and Mood by Gina Pegram

    By Gina Pegram  The idea that the health benefits of what we eat extend beyond our physical health to influence our mental wellbeing is gaining traction in mainstream media. “Mood-boosting” is now

  • Starting the Conversation: Talking about Diet, Food, and Nutrition with Athletes

    By Hannah Stoyel As a Performance Psychologist and a PhD Candidate, I split my time between being in the gym, on the pitch, or on a pool deck with athletes and sitting

  • Dear Stylist, please stop promoting disordered eating!

    A recent feature in Stylist on the “eating rules” & habits of 3 employees has struck a nerve & I feel compelled to comment! These individuals had cut out all kinds of

  • The ‘S’ Word by Fight the Fads

    A big shoutout and thank you to the brilliant Elisabeth and Caroline from Fight the Fads for this one! Fight the Fads is a source of no-nonsense evidence based nutrition information, run

  • The Dos and Don’ts when you work with someone with an eating disorder by Hope Virgo

    After a year in hospital recovering from anorexia I knew what I needed to do to stay well. I knew how much to eat each day, I knew how to (try) and

  • “With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend.” By Claire El’Jor

    This week’s guest blog post is brought to you by the wonderful Claire El’Jor who runs the Instagram account and blog Sprinkles and Carrots. I had the pleasure of meeting Claire at

  • Top 11 accounts to follow on Instagram for when you just wanna see “normal” food!

    What even is “normal” food anymore? Who the F knows, but in the storm surges of charcoal lattes, broccoli coffee and gluten-free galore sometimes it’s just nice to see something with ingredients

  • Let’s talk about booze!!!

    There’s no denying that objectively excessive alcohol consumption is not the best thing for our health, but does that mean we should avoid it altogether or is there a place for booze

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