• My top 25 accounts to follow on instagram for recovery and to reboot your relationship with food

    1) Laura Thomas PHD @laurathomasphd   Queen of Intuitive eating and no BS nutrition Laura Thomas is always my first recommendation. She’s been a major influence on the kind of nutritionist I

  • Clean is for knickers and 5 mistakes I’ve made in 5 years.

    I remember the repeated messages in school that we should be VERY careful about what we put on the internet. From revenge porn to future employers catching us drinking or engaging in

  • Goodbye Goodness Guru and Introducing Isa

    You may have noticed something a little different on my Instagram account this week. Yup, that’s right I have finally taken the plunge and changed my name to @IsaRobinson_ Goodbye, Goodness Guru

  • The Kitchen Chronicles: Baking with plain flour & other childhood favourites

    This weekend I made crumpets, actually chocolate crumpets. Not gluten or sugar-free or “healthy” crumpets but the exact crumpets BBC Good food’s recipe asked for.   I wanted to share this baking

  • I’m NOT vegan for “health” reasons

    At an interview on Tuesday the topic of veganism came up AGAIN. I’m not sure why I’m so surprised what with the increase in uptake of the popular diet and companies like

  • Help with eating on holiday!

    I’m lucky enough to be in the beautiful South of France at the moment for some sun, sea and vitamin D. After many months of exams and deadlines, I am loving breaking

  • Love Island post incoming

    “They look like the girls from Instagram, but real….”.   Of course it was only a matter of time before a Love Island post hit my Instagram feed. I will be honest

  • Exercise that counts…?

    “If I’m going to exercise it has to feel like I’ve worked out…..” Raise your hand if you’re guilty? Well, guess what? The plentiful benefits of exercise do not require you to

  • Dieting’s effect on gut hormones!

    I posted the image above on my instagram stories a few weeks ago and loads of you asked about it, so thought I’d share some snippets from some of the stuff I’ve

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