• Love Island post incoming

    “They look like the girls from Instagram, but real….”.   Of course it was only a matter of time before a Love Island post hit my Instagram feed. I will be honest

  • Exercise that counts…?

    “If I’m going to exercise it has to feel like I’ve worked out…..” Raise your hand if you’re guilty? Well, guess what? The plentiful benefits of exercise do not require you to

  • Dieting’s effect on gut hormones!

    I posted the image above on my instagram stories a few weeks ago and loads of you asked about it, so thought I’d share some snippets from some of the stuff I’ve

  • #BakeforBeat

    #BakeforBeat was a charity bake sale to round off Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018 and raise some money to support Beat in their pioneering work to support people with Eating Disorders. It

  • A 5 minute Juice with Chloe Brotheridge, author of The Anxiety Solution

    Anxiety disorders are very common and prevalence rates are on the rise. One survey in the UK found 1 in 6 adults had experienced some form of ‘neurotic health problem’ in the previous

  • Food Guilt

    Contrary to Hippocrates, food is many things. It’s vital energy, sustenance, medicine, joy, comfort and coming together. However, it is also increasingly bound up with more sinister emotions – worry, stress and

  • A 5 Minute Juice with Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor

    It’s funny to think that bloating, flatulence and our bowel moments have become such trendy topics of conversation, yet they seems to be as much in Vogue as Megan Markle, and perhaps

  • Removing the stigma around Diabetes

    By Melissa, The Bare Scientist Diabetes awareness is finally getting the recognition that it deserves, with the importance on health outcomes being sternly communicated. More than ever before, the population are now

  • A 5 minute juice with Renee McGregor

    Over Christmas (which feels like a lifetime ago), I had the pleasure of reading Renee McGregor’s book Orthorexia. Even greater a pleasure is that Renee was willing to be part of this

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