• Tabun Kitchen

    On the 20th December, I had the pleasure of visiting Tabun Kitchen in Soho for a Palestinian banquet.   As I walked in the door my mouth began to water at the sight of

  • My 5 Top Tips for Dealing with Stress

    Until about a year ago, I thought stress was pretty good for me! I’m someone who loves to stress about the most minuscule of things, but I have always found this to

  • An Introduction to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

    Guest post by Sophia Stirling Experiencing severe illness at the age of 20, Sophia was introduced to Aromatherapy and Yoga whilst recovering and since then has not gone a morning without the smell of

  • The DL on Overcoming Body Dissatisfaction!

    Spending a week in France with 8 of my oldest girl friends all the while wearing bikinis was an eye-opening take on the modern pressures of having that perfect #summerbod. Firstly, it’s

  • 6 Reasons to Book Your Copenhagen Getaway!

    The flights are ridiculously cheap, the place is utterly charming, and the people, they’re unfairly beautiful. It wasn’t instantaneous, but I genuinely fell in love with this city and its abundant offerings

  • Edinburgh

    I was so lucky to spend 4 years as a student at Edinburgh university. It is honestly the most magical city and as well as home to the Fringe festival, and in

  • Are we living life like it’s a dress rehearsal?

    My dad really got me thinking last night. As we were chatting at our family supper he said, ‘you know Is, life isn’t the dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing.’ I’ve been

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