I’ve been on a bit of a  natural beauty journey the last couple of months and I wanted to share some of my favourite finds with you guys. Introducing a range of everyday new products from some cheap finds on amazon to pretty luxurious items has been an interesting experiment, and whilst I’ve adored some, I’ve had to rule out others.

Whilst the eczema is still flaring up from time to time, these products have been such a treat to use and have really helped me enjoy a little pampering in and around all the studying for my masters. Some of these items are definitely on the spennier side,  but I fully believe we’re all worth treating ourselves from time to time and investing some time and money in little rituals of self care and giving back to our bodies.


The all natural face cream – Weleda Almond facial Cream 

This moisturiser feels so clean and hydrating on my skin. I adore the subtle aroma of almonds and have found it works great both in the morning and evening. Much less greasy compared to creams I’ve used in the past so I’m sure would work well for oily skin too.

Buy here.


The all natural body oil – Coconut and Jojoba oil

My jar of coconut oil has migrated from kitchen to bathroom where it’s a regular feature. I love slathering it on my skin before bed a couple of times a week to really hydrate my skin. Things can get a little greasy but you will certainly notice how much softer the skin feels. I also love rubbing it into my nails. If you suffer from oil skin I’d definitely avoid applying it to your face but for me personally every so often is fine. A love for the smell of coconuts is essential.

Buy coconut oil here.


Jojoba oil is a very new find of mine and now I couldn’t live without it. It seems to work similarly to coconut oil except the smell is a little less overpowering. It’s also a liquid at room temperature so a drizzle in the bath is a lovely way to round off a long day.

Buy Jojoba oil here.


The all natural lip balm – Lanolin Lips 

I used to be addicted to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream but having used Lanolin for just a couple of months it seems to be working so much better. I apply the “allover” to my lips as well as little dry spots on my body and the lip balm itself now permanently resides on my persons. I really recommend these.

Buy Lanolin lips here.


The all natural shower gel – Rahua 

I suffer from dry and sensitive skin which this shower gel is perfect for. As showering can further dry out skin I need something that’s super hydrating. This Rahua one is just that and I find it’s effects last even when the skin is dried.

Buy Rahua shower gel here.


The all natural scrub – Laila London Activated Charcoal scrub

PLEASE BE CAREFUL when you use this. It can be a nightmare to tidy up afterwards. The effects of the charcoal and other natural yet powerful ingredients are not easy to scrub out of a bath and whilst no one likes anything that’s an effort clean the way your skin will feel after such an intense exfoliation somehow makes it worth it. One of the best, yet messiest skin care products I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Buy Laila London Activated charcoal scrub here.


The all natural shampoo and conditioner – Rahua

I love the aniseed scent that comes from these. I find it an uplifting way to start the day and the conditioner always leaves my hair feeling soft and silky.

Buy Rahua shampoo and conditioner here.


The all natural hand cream – Pai

Hand creams are often overlooked but keep one in your handbag it can make a difference to preventing dry hands particularly as it gets colder. I also find a little squitz in the afternoon with the delicious smell and a short hand massage a bit of a treat. It’s the little things right.


Buy Pai hand cream here.

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