Ready meals are kind of my jam right now. An extremely busy upcoming period at uni including looming exams and stats reports (help) means long days in the library and at my desk.

Last semester I got super lazy with bringing in a packed lunch, it wasn’t so much that the high street didn’t have lots of great options but that it was costing me a small fortune. So, this year I’m planning on being a little savvier.

But processed food is bad right?? Well not entirely. We process food at home every time we cook. Processing can make foods more palatable, improve our ability to digest and absorb nutrients, kill bacteria which could otherwise harm us and extends shelf life. Of course getting in fresh whole foods is good too, but processed foods are certainly not black or white “good” or “bad”.

I love cooking but I also don’t have endless time to prepare food and I quite like having a little variety rather than the same batch cooked curry 5 days a week. I also enjoy taking in my own lunch because I can make it exactly to suit my needs and you never have to worry about a sandwich shop skimping on your favourite bits or limp lettuce leaves.

In light of all this, I am LOVING the new Birds Eye Veggie Bowl range. These include my personal favourite, the Moroccan Tagine with grilled aubergine, Sweet and Sour Asian Noodles, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Thai Curry or Green Italian Risotto. The morning of or night before I literally pop one out of the freezer, whack it in the microwave and into my tuppaware. It’s simple, speedy and such good value and means I am always looking forward to the most delicious lunch.

The meals are £2.98 each (much cheaper than Pret) and I can vary it up. The whole range is also vegetarian and packed with plant based protein and my all-time favourite FIBRE! I also love adding some chicken or prawns if I fancy it, or a little grated parmesan on the risotto to add in even greater a diversity of nutrients, flavours and textures. The meals make up 2 of your 5 a day and in case you’re wondering contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

If you’re looking to watch the pennies this year by taking in a packed lunch to work or uni, to save time on suppers or just want to try something a little different this year I could recommend these Birds Eye veggie bowls more. I always look forward to them and they really satiate me and fuel me up properly for my studies.

You can buy them online here from Tescos, Morrisons, Asda or Ocado. (Links will be embedded).


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