1) Laura Thomas PHD



Queen of Intuitive eating and no BS nutrition Laura Thomas is always my first recommendation. She’s been a major influence on the kind of nutritionist I aspire to be focused on evidence-based information, the anti-diet approach and finding health at happiness in the skin you’re in without giving up the foods you love. Her podcast Don’t salt my game is also a firm fave, not to mention her book Just Eat is due on the shelves in January. Cheers Laura!


2) Jennifer Rollin


This US based Eating Disorder therapist is making waves in helping people recover from destructive eating disorders and heal their relationship with food. Jennifer’s posts and coping strategies are extremely helpful especially in the advent of wellness culture She is also the founder of The Eating Disorder Centre and works with clients all over the world via zoom / Skype.


3) Dr Jenna Daku


Dr Jenna Daku is a psychotherapist specialising in disordered eating and body image. Her feed is a great mix of food, life and some supportive wisdom to keep to motivated.


4) Kylie Mitchell


One of my all time favourite blogs Kylie is a non-diet dietitian helping you mend your relationship with food. I absolutely love the articles and recipes on her blog which resonate with me so much. She is also mum of very cute Jojo so expect some heart warming pics to brighten up your day.


5) Robyn Nohling


This US not diet dietitian focuses on helping women heal from disordered eating as well as period problems and hormones issues. She has a great feed which shows how all foods fit as part of a healthy happy lifestyle. Robyn talks a lot about Intuitive Eating and there are some great myth busting articles on her website too.


6) Krista Murias


Krista is a certified non-diet health coach and intuitive eating counsellor in training. I absolutely love her anti-diet HAES and all foods fit approach, as well as her focus on body acceptance.


7) Food and Fearless


Taylor is a personal trainer and soon to be a qualified dietitian who follows the non-diet approach. Her graphic design skills are through the roof and help illustrate some extremely important messages.


8) Dr Colleen Reichmann


Dr Reichmann is a US clinical psychologist specialising in eating disorder recovery. Her posts are simply brilliant and just the kinds of things you need to read when defying an eating disorder.


9) Emmy Brunner


Founder of the London based Recover Clinic, Emmy also runs the Woman to woman project, a grant-funded treatment for women suffering from eating disorders, trauma and other mental health needs. Emmy’s feed is full of uplifting content to help you realise your worth and she also shares brilliant articles via her Instagram stories.


10) Josée Sovinsky


Josée is an eating disorder dietitian who yet again shares brilliant resources to help you stay motivated and strong in your recovery. She is also a self-confessed tea enthusiast and trekker.


11) Christy Harrison


Christy is the host of hugely popular podcast Food and Psyche, aimed at helping individuals find freedom from food. Her instagram account is made up of poignant quotes from episodes of the podcast to help you find peace with food.


12) Claire El-Jor


Former course mate and friend from UCL, Claire is a dietitian from Lebanon championing evidence-based research and the non diet approach. Claire’s feed is full of brilliant content related to body image and also her love of baking. Watch this space.


13) Laura Phelan


Laura and I met through the work we do for Beat, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity. I find Laura’s account super inspiring for showing the joys of life after an eating disorder and why recovery is so work it. Laura also sees clients 1-2-1 at Harley Street Therapy.


14) Sarah Berneche


Sarah is a Canadian Intuitive eating counsellor who aims to teach everyday women how to stop feeling out of control around food. You will find plenty of words of wisdom and pictures which show the magic of food beyond the sum of nutrition and units of energy.


15) Amanda Lambrechts


This dietitian wants to change your perspective on food. Enough with the old diet mentality and scaremongering, and in with building a better relationship with food and your body. I absolutely love the images she shares side by side to make a points, powerful and concise! Thanks Amanda.


16) Emily Fonnesbeck


This RD and mum of 4 specialises in ED recovery, HAES and body image. I love her words of wisdom and the cute pictures of her kids too.


17) Fiona Willer


If you’re not following Fiona’s website unpackingweightscience.com you are missing out. It’s absolutely brilliant, much like her instagram which focuses on HAES and size acceptance.


18) Anna Sweeney


Another fantastic fat positive nutrition therapist and eating disorder dietitian, Anna’s content will provide yet more uplifting information to help with your healing and sense of wellbeing. Anna also talks about her lived experience of disability and how she is more than her body just like all the rest of us. One very inspiring lady.


19) Jamie Magdic


Jamie seeks to help women make peace with food and their bodies. She is also a total whizz on the graphic design and again I am a HUGE fan of her pictures which say 1000 words in the way of intuitive eating, removing the diet mentality and fostering better body image. Right on!


20) Caroline Dooner


You can’t fault a provocative username, and you can’t fault Caroline’s message either. She’s had enough of diet culture and hopefully, her instagram will persuade you to get angry with diet culture too!


21) Marci Evans


Marci is another RD seeking to empower you to feel good around food and in your body. She seeks to help her clients heal their relationship with food, and offer the tools to dimish foods power over them. Her page is full of brilliant body positive, HAES and non-diet content to motivate and inspire you daily.


22) Fiona Sutherland


Fiona is a mindful eating and not diet dietitian who focuses on body inclusivity and HAES. Her instagram page again is full of fantastic content to help you tackle diet culture one scroll and a time.

23) Pixie Nutrition 


Formerly Plant Based Pixie, Pixie Turner is a self-confessed #wellnessrebel. Her book, The Wellness rebel helps to unpick pseudoscience and fad diets re-educating people with accurate evidence-based information. Well worth a follow!


24) Maxine Ali 


Maxine is a linguist who’s just finished her MSc in Medical Humanities. Maxine sheds light on the importance of the language we use around food and health, reflecting on the positive or negative implications this can have. She is also a very talented photographer so expect some gorgeous images to accompany her thought-provoking captions.


25) Nicole McDermid 


Last but certainly not least is Nicole, an Australian based social worker, eating disorder recovery coach and fat activist. Nicole is a game changer calling into question eating disorder professional’s own deep-rooted fatphobia and how it may manifest in treatment. As she rightly points out, all bodies are worthy! In a recent video which I urge you to watch Nicole says “if we are silent in the face of weight stigma then we are giving it permission to thrive. If we are giving weight stigma permission to thrive then we are continuing to fertilise a breeding ground for eating disorders“. I love her feed and all the work Nicole does and I know you will too.


I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you to build a more positive, recovery orientated feed.

Love Isa xx

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