Driscoll’s frozen blackberries with white chocolate coconut sauce

Driscoll's frozen Victoria sweet blackberries with white chocolate coconut sauce and smashed ginger nuts v

This recipe was inspired by a girlie dinner at one of my oldest friend’s houses a while back. Frozen berries with white chocolate sauce isn’t exactly original, nor wildly exciting, but the addition of coconut and ginger nuts, now that’s pure genius.


These Driscoll’s premium Victoria sweet British blackberries are unbelievable. A little bit sweet, and a little bit sour, far superior to any you can find in a supermarket (food snobby comment alert, but I’m sorry to say it’s true). They are grown throughout the UK and handpicked at peak ripeness for optimum flavour. Drizzled with the easiest white chocolate coconut sauce and a sprinkle of smashed ginger nuts, lady’s and gents we have a winner!


Serves 4




The night before serving wash the blackberries and place them in the freezer.

Bash up the ginger nuts. I like to do this by adding them to a plastic bag and bashing with a rolling pin 🙂

Melt the white chocolate over a low heat, add the coconut cream and a pinch of salt. Leave on a very low heat until right before serving. Alternatively, place in a jug and whack in the microwave prior to serving.

Remove the juicy sweet British blackberries from the freezer 5-10 minutes before serving.

Place a generous handful of frozen blackberries in each bowl. Allow everyone to pour over a generous amount of white chocolate coconut sauce and a generous sprinkle of smashed ginger nuts. Enjoy!

Love Isabella x



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