I launched my blog Goodness Guru in 2014 after my first year at Edinburgh University. I wasn’t so into the dominos and cheesy chips at uni, but I did live in catered halls where the food was unappetising to say the least, and my poor diet, coupled with my love of late nights and tequila shots soon had repercussions. By the summer, my clear skin had erupted in acne and I was struck by a bout of frustration and low self esteem.


However, a bit of acne and freshers flu weren’t my only motivations for commencing Goodness Guru. As with many young girls, the pressures of growing up contributed to creating a very image conscious teenager. As a result I thought low calorie and low fat foods were the best way forward, resulting in a controlling and destructive eating disorder. This was detrimental to my health, happiness and wellbeing.


Goodness Guru was my gateway to enjoying food again, cooking, experimenting and learning to nourish myself properly, free from guilt and restriction. Although balance has always been central to my approach to health, it is only recently that I’ve found the strength to open up about my personal account of anorexia and recovery.


Through this blog, it is my hope to continue to share my personal experiences, as well as my passions for cooking, feeling good and learning to let go and live a little. I am on a mission to inspire young women to love their bodies no matter what, and to enjoy a healthy and balanced relationship with food.


Currently, I’m based in London where I work as an eating disorder mentor alongside my training as a naturopathic nutritionist. I am also an ambassador for the UK’s leading Eating disorder charity beat and am about to embark on a  masters in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition at UCL. It is my ambition to work full time as a nutritionist and in eating disorder recovery, fusing my passion for nutrition and first-hand experiences.





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