Isa Robinson is on a mission to empower women to practice a “healthy” and balanced relationship with food and their bodies. She is currently coming to the end of her masters in Eating Disorders & Clinical Nutrition at UCL, as well as her training as a nutritional therapist. By the end of September she hopes to be a practicing Registered Associate Nutritionist, specialising food for mental health, including disordered eating and Eating Disorders.


I am passionate about the importance of balance and the need to maintain a holistic definition of health that encompasses the physical, social, emotional and psychological aspects of our wellbeing. As well as my studies, Isa is an ambassador for the UK’s leading Eating Disorder charity Beat where she enjoys speaking at schools and conferences. She has also collaborated with brands including Morrisons and Birds Eye. In her free time she enjoys baking, any form of passion fruit cocktail and a good ol’ boogey with friends.



Isabella  xx





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